Create a Couch Surfing Profile

Couchsurfing is a site similar to facebook for people who like traveling. A couch is another way of saying sofa, and this site is a great way of meeting new people, practicing English and sometimes even letting the cool people surf on your couch! The primary purpose of this funwork activity is to create an account in English, write about yourself  and potentially meet like-minded people who like traveling in the future.


With the World Cup in Cuiaba, many English speaking tourists will come to Cuiaba. But will Cuiaba be ready? There will be over 78,000 tourists coming and hotels have the capacity for 15,000 people. So where will all these people stay? In the Pantanal with Alligators!!??

Aerial view of the Arena Pantanal stadium in Cuiaba

If you want to read more about Couch Surfing,  here’s some more information:

couch surf pics

Watch some of these videos and try to understand even some parts of what this crazy American is talking about very quickly:


Now, create an account, using some of the ideas that we wrote about in class while brainstorming. Make sure to answer the questions in details, and talk about yourself and all the things you like to do, about who you are and what your mission in life is right now. If you don’t want anyone to couch surf at your house for now, that’s totally fine. Just click Not Now for the question: Can you host?



People will start contacting you to ask you questions about Cuiaba, please respond to them in English and give them advice about our wonderfully Hot City: A Cidade Verde! I have a couch surfing friend from Foz Iguaçu who had over 150 people visit his house from per 35 countries in less than two years, and his English improved a lot. Give Couch surfing a try, you may just fall in love with it!





  1. Greatidea! I’ll try it with my students! How old are your students? Are they over 18?

  2. Reblogged this on My cMOOC Blog and commented:
    Una grande idea da parte di un/a collega brasiliano/a, per migliorare la fluency dei nostri studenti (e magari lo speaking, se poi davvero si mettono a saltare da un divano all’altro 😉 )

    • Esattamente, le menti dei nostri studenti si muovono molto rapidamente, in questo moderno mondo dei social network e di gratificazione immediata. E ‘importante conoscere la realtà degli studenti e insegnare a conoscenza di questo contesto e per incoraggiarli a pensare in modo rapido e creativo e interagire il più possibile con l’altro in classe!

      Exactly, the minds of our students move very quickly, in this modern world of social networks and instant gratification. It’s important to know the reality of the students and to teach aware of this context and to encourage them to think quickly and creatively and interact as much as possible with each other in the classroom!

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